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Manual for Courts-Martial (2024 ed) posted

Update: 02 Jan 2024. The Manual for Courts-Martial (2024 Edition) is now posted. 

Note regarding MCM (2023 edition)

Update: 15 Sep 2023. The MCM (2023 edition) is digital only and will not include the supplementary materials typically found within the MCM except for a Preface. Practitioners should refer to the supplemental materials (e.g., Discussions) and appendices (excluding Appendix 2.1 which is posted above) in the MCM (2019 edition) until further notice. The MCM (2024 edition) incorporates Annexes 2 and 3 of the Executive Order. 

U.S. Marine Corps' chart "Flow of Allegation to Referral" under Special Trial Counsel construct

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